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Infreight Logistics Soultions Limited.
507, BNG (Davar) House
197, D N Road,
Mumbai 400 001
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About the Company

Infreight Logistics Solutions Limited. (InFreight) is a subsidary Company of Sundaram Finance Limited. It was incorporated as private company on April 25, 2000. Infreight Logistics Solutions Limited is a Complete Logistics Services company providing Consulting & Technology Solutions in the Logistics & SCM space in India.

Infreight Logistics Solutions Limited offers Logistics Contracting & Consulting services and provides technology offering such as Transport Management System.

Infreight Logistics Solutions Limited believes that the transporters’ strengths could be fully utilized by matching the strengths of the transporters with the requirements of shippers. Contracting Services offered by Infreight Logistics Solutions Limited play an important role in analyzing the requirements of a shipper in detail and finding an ideal transport service provider, thus unlocking the value for both the partners.

Under Logistics Consultancy, Infreight Logistics Solutions Limited helps its customers in optimising their processes through Benchmark comparisons and Business Process Reengineering.

Transport Management Software helps both small and large players in increasing their operational efficiency by getting relevant reports under Management Information System. This software, whether web-based or stand-alone, helps transporters capture the operational nuances and bringing to the fore the areas of improvements.

In addition to the above, logistics-related information such as Freight Rates, Transportation-related News, and Information Directory are provided through its website, The Information Directory includes information on Transporters, Petrol Pumps, RTO Offices, Transport Commissioners’ Offices, National Highways, Special Transportation Documents required in various states, etc.